About Inyanga Marine Projects

Inyanga Marine Projects provide cost effective and reliable offshore project management services specialising in the delivery of offshore renewable energy projects.

We operate a highly experienced and specialised team of offshore engineers from our base at Jubilee Wharf near Falmouth, UK.

We have been successful in executing complex Tidal Energy Projects for world leading developers with an unrivalled track record in these extremely harsh environments.

Inyanga Marine Projects consists of two companies which address separate areas within the marine sector:

Inyanga Maritime Ltd

Provide cost-effective and reliable offshore operations and engineering consultancy for developers specialised in the marine renewables sector.

Our goal is to enable developers to carry out operations at reduced cost, bringing down the levelised cost of energy of marine generation, resulting in open market competitiveness.

Inyanga Tech Ltd

Aims to advance through to deployment the in-house innovative tidal energy converter, the ‘HydroWing’, to provide reliable and cost-effective power to communities around the globe.

Our concept takes holistic approach to reduced complexity to eliminate cripplingly high maintenance costs and increase reliability.


Through the diversity in our teams engineering and operational skills we provide our customers with detailed, accurate and holistic solutions to the range of marine energy problems.